DIY Project of the month – March

DIY Project of the month – March

The Repurposed Tyre Rope Ottoman

With the growing call and awareness from recycling and sustainability, repurposed tyres are surfacing in the design market in a number of ways. One of the most popular uses for these worn out rubber rejects is furniture. From comfy armchairs to progressive coffee tables, old tyres have not only worked their way into a booming design market, they’re become sought after!

And that’s great news considering that millions of used tyres simply pile up in used rubber yards around the world each year. What’s even better is the price. Seeing as tyres are literally being thrown away, you can get your hands on them without breaking the bank.

With that in mind, March’s DIY Project of the Month will help you get some use out of those old tyres. Here’s how to turn a worn out tyre fit for the junkyard into a trendy rope ottoman for your veranda or lounge.

What You’ll Need:

1 x old tyre
2 x circular cuts of Evosure Tempered hardboard (same diameter as the tyre)
1 x drill
16 x 35mm screws
1 x glue gun
1 x long length of rope
Clear adhesive
Paint & paintbrush (optional)
Masking tape

Reinforcing the tyre

Step 1. Reinforcing the tyre

Start by drilling the circular Evosure Tempered hardboard pieces into the tyre with the smooth side facing up to create a solid structure. Evosure Tempered hardboard is ideal for this type of project because of its superior strength and water resistant properties. This tempered hardboard won’t split, splinter or crack, making it the perfect material for semi-exterior furniture.

Wrapping the ottoman

Step 2. Wrapping the ottoman

Once you have drilled the hardboard pieces into the tyre at either end it is time to start with the rope design. To do this, start from the centre of the top of the pieces and, using the glue gun, begin gluing the rope in a circular motion from the centre of the hardboard. You can do other rope designs, but if this is your first rope ottoman we recommend sticking to a circular design as it is the easiest to execute.   Continue gluing in this manner until the top section is completely covered and you’ve wrapped the rope around the side of the tyre approximately two times. Now, carefully flip the tyre over and work from the bottom up until the entire tyre is wrapped.


Step 3. Sealing

This step is very important, especially if you intend to use your ottoman for semi-exterior uses. Paint over the entire ottoman with a clear adhesive, ensuring that you penetrate all the small gaps between the rope to properly seal and protect your new ottoman.


Step 4. Painting (optional)

If you want to paint your ottoman then now is the time. We suggest painting a thin line around your tyre ottoman as it creates a striking contrast between the natural rope look and the paint finish. To do this, make sure you use masking tape to ensure the paint line is neat. The paint design of your tyre ottoman, however, is completely up to you.

There you have it – your very own repurposed tyre rope ottoman. We hope you have fun with your project… Good luck!

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