May DIY Project of the Month

DIY project of the month – May

The “Everyone’s an Artist” Hardboard Stencil Wall Art

Buying art is expensive, so why not make your own and brighten up your home for a fraction of the price. With this month’s DIY Project of the Month you don’t have to have an artistic bone in your body to create your own stunning art – you just have to be handy with an electric jigsaw.

So, if you’re ready to dive into another DIY project made easy then make your way to your local hardware store and Evowood distributor to pick up everything you’ll need.


Before you begin, it is important to ensure that your hardboard is conditioned to the environment it will be in to ensure it doesn’t bend and buckle. To find out more about conditioning, click here.

What You’ll Need:

2 x Evosure Original hardboard (60cm x 30cm)
2 x Evosure Original hardboard (60cm x 30cm)
Paint (white and another colour of your choice)
Paint brushes
Wood glue
Construction adhesive
Electrical jigsaw
Craft knife
Printed one dimensional image
Spirit level

Step 1. Making the stencil

Select a one dimensional pattern according to your ability to use an electric jigsaw (we chose a floral design) and carefully cut out the picture to create a stencil. Take the stencil and transfer it on to one of the pieces of hardboard (this will be your stencil) using the pencil. Then, use the electric jigsaw to cut out the shape to create your hardboard stencil.

Step 2. Cleaning the hardboard

After cutting, prepping your hardboard is essential to clean the hardboard to ensure you get a smooth finish. Simply wipe down your hardboard to ensure that all dust, dirt and debris is removed from the surface. You can do this either with a dry cloth or a damp cloth and mild soapy water.

Step 2. Cleaning the hardboard

Step 3. Painting

To start, seal the hardboard surface with the white wood primer which will prevent coats of paint soaking into the surface. It takes approximately 4-6 hours to dry. A second coat should be applied, if required, after 16 hours. Once satisfied with the primer coating apply one coat of white paint to both your stencil and your second hardboard cut. This second cut will be your backing board. Wait for the paint to dry and apply a second coat. Once the second coat has dried, apply a third white coat to your stencil and a coat of your accent colour to the backing board. If your accent colour is light, you may have to apply more than one coat. Finally, add a primer to give your stencil and backing board a glossy finish.

TIP: Get creative! Try using multiple colours on your backing board to create cool effects.

Step 3. Painting

Step 4. Gluing

Once the primer has dried you are ready to glue your artwork together. Taking care to line the board up properly, apply glue to the backing board and stick the stencil (painted side up) over the painted side of the backing board. Apply pressure using either clamps or a couple of heavy books and wait for the glue to dry.

Step 5. Mounting

By now your artwork should look like a gallery grade masterpiece! All that’s left to do is mount it on the wall. Apply the contact adhesive to the back of the artwork and apply pressure to fix it to the wall. Take care to ensure it is level. We suggest using a spirit level and asking a friend to help out.

Step 4. Gluing

There you have it! You’re now not only a DIY master, but an artist too. We hope you enjoyed this month’s project. See you next month for another DIY idea for your home.

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