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evodoor original

Evodoor Original pre-fabricated door skins are manufactured from Evosure Original hardboard. These superior quality door skins offer exceptional strength and durability, and ensure that the door maintains its structural integrity.

Made from, high density eucalyptus hardboard, Evodoor Original door skins are easy to work with in the manufacturing process. They will not crack splinter or split, and are resistant to abrasions and provide a smooth surface for paint finishes. Available in a variety of sizes, not only does it have an e-zero formaldehyde emission rating but is also the only SABS approved door panel in South Africa.


evodoor tempered

Evodoor Tempered pre-fabricated door skins are manufactured for superior durability and weather resistance, and are predominantly used for exterior doors where protection against prolonged exposure to the elements is required.

Manufactured from Evosure Original hardboard, these door skins are tempered by adding tempering oil to the board and exposing it to high temperatures during the production process. This provides extra strength and limits moisture uptake to provide improved levels of durability and water resistance.

In semi-exterior applications care needs to be taken that all edges and surfaces of the board are adequately sealed and protected with good quality paint or varnish. These SABS approved door skins are, smooth, and will not crack, splinter or split. They are available in various sizes.


evodoor duracoat

Pre-fabricated door skins manufactured from Evosure Tempered hardboard and pre-coated with a sealer and primer, Evodoor Duracoat provides the premium offering to the Evodoor range.

Tempered by adding tempering oil and additional heat to Evosure Original hardboard during the production process, this product provides extra strength, limited moisture uptake, is finished with a coat of primer, and is ready to paint. The Evodoor Duracoat product is ideally suited to semi-exterior doors to provide protection against prolonged exposure to the elements while offering an aesthetically appealing surface.  This premium offering is available in variety of sizes and carries the SABS mark of approval.

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evodoor readicote

Evodoor Readicote is an untempered door skin, finished with a sealer and primer offering all features of our Evodoor original, and is ideally suited for internal use.

All Readicote door skins are cream in colour, and are available in standard sizes, speciality sizes (fit for purpose), and different calipers.



Evodoor Size Selection

evodoor select

Evodoor’s range of specialist designer door panels have been expertly manufactured from quality timber products to offer the perfect balance between beauty and durability.

evodoor deep moulded

All the doors in the Evodoor Deep Moulded range are manufactured from HDF and imported from leading international manufacturers and suppliers. This provides our customers with a selection of door panels which boast distinctive style and flair to accentuate the rooms they are featured in. Evodoor Deep Moulded door panels are manufactured by pressing HDF (High density fibreboard) into a three-dimensional board to duplicate the appearance of a solid raised panel door. The inner facings of the door panels are also carefully considered and constructed to ensure structural integrity and durability.The composite wood construction used in the production process creates added strength and improved warp, shrinking and cracking resistance. These door panels are lightweight, easy to use in the manufacturing process and are primed to ensure that they are ready for painting in either a smooth or textured finish.

Evodoor Deep Moulded door panels are available in standard and speciality sizes (fit for purpose). Please contact  an Evowood representative for more information.

Evodoor Deep moulded