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evosoft original

Evosoft Original is low density, high quality fibreboard which is lightweight and easy to handle. This multifunctional board is easy to install and due to its cellular nature it offers good thermal and sound insulation properties. It is suitable for use as insulation in wall linings, ceilings, pin boards, office screens and protective packaging.

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SIZE SPECIFICATIONS: Various size sheets in 10mm, 13mm and 19mm thickness

evosoft primecote

Evosoft Primecote is low density fibreboard finished with a coat of white primer and ready to paint in the colour of your choice. Due to its light weight, it is also easy to handle and install. This softboard offers good thermal and insulation properties due to its cellular composition. Evosoft Primecote is primarily used in celilings due to its inherent properties and pre-coated primer.

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SIZE SPECIFICATIONS: Various size sheets in 10mm, 13mm and 19mm thickness




Evosoft Physical Properties


Evosoft Size Selection

evosoft select

Evowood’s high range of specialised softboard products, custom made and sized for a variety of specific uses.

evosoft flexijoint

Evosoft Flexijoint is a bitumen impregnated low density softboard used as a lightweight expansion joint material for concrete structures. This tried and trusted product is reliable, effective and affordable. Due to excellent compression and recovery ratios, as well as minimum water absorption and thickness swell characteristics, it has an outstanding ability to hold a constant joint size.

The uniform density and thickness of this softboard is achieved by adding bitumen to wet-felted wood fibres during the production process. Evosoft Flexijoint is used in all areas of construction as expansion joint filler, including high rise buildings, roadworks, airstrips, and in reinforced concrete structures such as bridges

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SIZE SPECIFICATIONS: 2440mm by 1220mm in 10mm and 13mm thickness

evosoft fibre

We offer a refined fibre product which is used in specialist manufacturing operations. Evosoft Fibre is available to purchase in bulk, in either pine or eucalyptus. Please contact an Evowood representative for more information.