Why choose evowood fincote?


Extra Strong: Evowood Fincote boasts a much higher tensile strength, structural strength and internal bond than other substitutes on the market (MDF & HDF). It is also durable, resistant to abrasions and will not split, splinter or crack.

Anti-wrap: Evowood Fincote is denser than other thing board substitutes on the market (MDF and HDF), making it less prone to warping while still remaining lightweight.

Easy Wipe: Evowood Fincote is easy to clean. Simply use mild soapy water to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the hardboard. Evowood Fincote also has a smooth surface for paint finishes.

Supa-Flex: Inherently flexible without compromising on durability. Evowood Fincote can be eaily bent and curved into shape as necessary making it suited to a variety of applications.

Finished: Evowood Fincote is finished by adding a primer and a white top coat to the hardboard.

Green: Our products are formaldehyde free, carry an e-zero emission rating, and are manufactured in accordance with FSC™ regulations using natural binders.

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