Why choose evowood primecote?

Lightweight: Made from Evowood Softboard, a low density and high quality fibreboard, Evowood Primecote is lightweight, easy to handle and easy to install.

Versatile: Able to fulfill a variety of different applications, Evowood Primecote can be used in a multitude of ways, including insulation ceiling boards, display boards and office screens.

Easy Wipe: Evowood Primecote is easy to clean. Simply use mild soapy water to remove dust and debris from the surface of the softboard.

Green: Our products are formaldehyde free, carry an e-zero emission rating and are manufactured in accordance with FSC regulations using natural binders

Primed: The smooth surface of Evowood Primecote is primed with a white primer to provide the ideal surface for paint finishes.

General uses evowood primecote?

Physical properties of evowood primecote?