Why choose evowood tempered?

Superior Strength: By adding tempering oil to Evowood Hardboard, Evowood Tempered boasts a high density, tensile strength, structural strength and internal bond. It is also durable, resistant to abrasions, will not split, splinter or crack.

Green: Our products are formaldehyde free, carry an e-zero emission rating, and are manufactured in accordance with the FSC™ regulations using natural binders.

Moisture Resistant: This tempered hardboard has excellent water resistant properties and is manufactured specifically for outdoor use on semi-exterior doors, furnishings and finishes.

Easy Wipe: Evowood Tempered is easy to clean. Simply use mild soapy water to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the hardboard. Evowood Tempered also has a smooth surface for paint finishes.

Supa-Flex: Inherently flexible without compromising on durability. Evowood Tempered can be easily bent and curved into shape as necessary, making it suited to a variety of applications.

Anti-Warp: Evowood Tempered is denser than other thin board substitutes on the market (MDF and HDF), making it less prone to warping while still remaining lightweight.

General uses evowood tempered?

Physical properties of evowood tempered?