One of the benefits of Evosure products is their ease of use for a variety of different purposes. Combined with good workmanship, the following should be taken into account when working with all Evosure hardboard products:


Hardboard expands on taking up moisture from the surrounding air and shrinks when losing it. If a board is fixed when it is very ‘dry’ and later takes up moisture, it is likely to expand and cause bowing or buckling. Before being fixed, Evosure products should be properly conditioned either by air or water exposure, allowing them to reach a moisture content that is in balance with their environment.

Evowood Conditioning


Evosure products, if not fixed to a continuous backing, require support around all edges and at equal, vertical intervals. This applies to wall linings and ceiling panels when only the self-weight of the board is involved.


When fixing Evosure products into place, it is important to choose the right fastening method and size of fastener in relation to the thickness of the board used. Nails, pins and screws should be placed 6 to 12mm from the board edges. Divergent staples can be used to prevent deformation at the board edges. To eliminate the need to conceal nail heads, standard woodworking adhesive can be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


An inherent quality of Evosure is its flexibility. Evosure can be bent into curved shapes as necessary, using either cold dry, cold moist or hot moist bends. Cold dry bends are suited only to supported structures, cold moist for both supported and self-supported structures, and hot moist for self-supported only.


Evosure products are easy to work with and can be cut using both hand saws and mechanical saws. When cutting Evosure, to prevent chipping and rough cut edges, hand saws featuring a minimum of 10 teeth per 25mm are recommended. If using a mechanical saw, ensure that the board is placed correctly so that the rough face of the board meets the cutting stroke of the blade.

Optimum Cutting Reference


When drilling Evosure, it is recommended to use drill bits designed to penetrate steel due to the hardness of the board in comparison to other wood products. Speeds of 3000 to 4000rpm produce the cleanest cuts.



Before applying paint or varnish on Evosure hardboard products it is essential that the surface is clean and dry. Remove dirt with mild soap and water and avoid caustics and strong alkalis.


When decorating Evosure hardboard products, it is important to note that generally any wood finish is satisfactory for hardboard. Examples of these finishes include paint, baked enamel, varnish, synthetic resins, wax and penetrating sealers.


In order to keep Evowood products in good condition and ensure maximum durability and effectiveness, correct care and storage is essential. The following should be taken into account:


All Evowood products should be stored under cover, away from rain and direct sunlight, but not necessarily in a fully enclosed building. Boards should be protected against excessive humidity to prevent warping. Unused boards should be stored flat, allowing for sufficient support with no sagging between bearers.


Metal or plastic strapping bands should be removed from newly delivered Evowood board as soon as possible to prevent deformation. Boards that have warped due to uneven moisture uptake can be flattened by wetting the rough side of the board and storing flat (and weighted if necessary) for several days. Special care should be taken to avoid damage to board corners and edges during handling and transportation, especially with regards to coated board variants.

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