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Exploring 'Under Paris': The Killer Shark Threatening the Seine River - A Nuanced Review

'Under Paris' Review: A Shark Tale in the Heart of the French Capital

Netflix's latest monster movie, 'Under Paris,' directed by Xavier Gens and featuring Bérénice Bejo, brings an unexpected twist to the shark genre. Set in the heart of Paris, the film showcases a colossal shark named Beacon 7, a genetically mutated predator equipped to survive in polluted freshwater. More startling, Beacon 7 has the unique ability to self-reproduce, unleashing a brood of man-eating offspring that wreak havoc in the Seine River and Parisian catacombs.

A Parisian Nightmare Unfolds

The narrative follows marine scientist Sophia, portrayed by Bérénice Bejo, leading the team responsible for Beacon 7's creation. The story kicks off with the ominous disappearance of the creature, tracing its deadly path from the polluted estuaries to the labyrinthine catacombs beneath Paris. As the city prepares for an upcoming Triathlon event, the stakes rise dramatically, setting the stage for a terrifying showdown between humanity and the apex predator.

The action sequences in 'Under Paris' are nothing short of gripping. One notable scene features a terrifying feeding frenzy within the narrow confines of a catacomb chamber, displaying an intense claustrophobia that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. The climactic Triathlon attack amplifies this tension, presenting an apocalyptic vision of Beacon 7's ferocity.

Environmental Themes and Action-Packed Thrills

Though the film initially hints at an environmentalist message, it gradually sidelines this theme in favor of pure, adrenaline-pumping action. This choice might deter viewers searching for a deeper narrative, but the movie compensates with a sense of grit and relentless peril. The Parisian landscapes, from the iconic Seine River to the haunting catacombs, serve as a visually compelling backdrop, enhancing the film's thrilling atmosphere.

Bérénice Bejo's portrayal of Sophia adds significant depth to the otherwise exaggerated premise. Her performance lends gravitas, making her character's desperation and determination palpable. The supporting cast also delivers solid performances, but it is Bejo who stands out, anchoring the film with emotional authenticity.

A Semi-Classic in the Creature Feature Genre

'Under Paris' succeeds in carving out its unique niche within the crowded creature feature genre. Its blend of high-octane action, impressive visuals, and compelling performances makes it a standout entry. The film's potential for sequels, possibly set in other global cities, suggests a broader cinematic universe filled with new, terrifying adventures.


For fans of creature features and shark thrillers, 'Under Paris' offers an exhilarating ride. It manages to combine a sense of urban dread with biological horror, making for a thoroughly entertaining viewing experience. While it may not satisfy those seeking a profound ecological critique, the film's relentless pace and creative premise more than compensate. It's a film that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet delivers edge-of-your-seat moments and memorable action sequences.

If you're in the mood for an action-packed creature feature that transports you to the dark, watery depths of Paris, 'Under Paris' should be on your watchlist. The film not only captivates with its imaginative storyline but also establishes itself as a semi-classic worthy of the category.

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